South Dakota Apostolic Prayer Network

SD State Coordinator Betsy Moeller

Thursday, June 20, 2013


66 Books of the Bible Release to 66 Counties of South Dakota

Our 12th county to pray for in South Dakota is Clark County, with the city of Clark being the county seat.  We release the book of 2 Kings to Clark County.  2 Kings shows God's working in and through the lives of His people for His redemptive purpose.  It demonstrates the necessity of obedience to God's covenant and the painful consequence of disobedience which many of the kings experienced. Among the good kings in this book, were King Hezekiah who tore down false altars of worship and King Josiah who restored true worship to God.  Among many great prophets who arose during these dismal years, Elijah and Elisha stand out as strong men of God.  2 Kings tells the story of Elisha being trained under the prophet Elijah and how his devotion and earnestness brought him a double-portion anointing.  Elisha typifies Jesus - emphasizing grace, life, and hope.

Father in the mighty name of Jesus, we release the double- portion anointing upon the people and land of Clark County.  That through obedience to You, and Your Word, signs and wonders and miracles will again flow in the land as it was with the prophet Elisha.  That the areas of idolatry in the hearts of the people would be removed and replaced with true worship to You.  That even the youth would once again become godly leaders as was with young King Josiah, and would arise as true worshipers in Spirit and in truth!  Through the blood and the light of Jesus Christ, we release Blessings to you Clark County.

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