South Dakota Apostolic Prayer Network

SD State Coordinator Betsy Moeller

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Day 7 - Charter Schools

“Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.” -1 Corinthians 4:2
  • While there has not yet been overwhelming evidence of corruption with charter schools, several recent cases involving fraud and mishandling of taxpayer funds have made headlines. (1)
  • The same lack of government oversight that makes them appealing and increasingly popular holds the potential for enormous corruption. (2)
  • There is a lack of accountability regarding how funds are raised or spent. (1)
  • It remains uncertain at this point if choices are being made and carried out in the best interest of students or in the interest of those who stand to gain financially. (3)

Lord, I ask that You would forgive me for not being aware of this corruption that is taking place in charter schools. For the future of my children and the children of this nation, help me to obey You in any way that You would have me get involved in the education system.
Father God, we repent on behalf of our nation for allowing corruption to take place in our charter schools. We ask Your forgiveness for not even being aware of this occurring, and ask You to expose corruption in our nation’s charter schools.

  1. Pray for educators who truly love and desire to invest in the next generation. (Psalm 145:4)
  2. Pray for all greed, corruption and impure motives to be exposed in the nation’s charter schools. (Philippians 2:3)
  3. Pray for political leaders, education professionals and parents to come together in unity and wisdom for the educational future of children. (Ephesians 4:3)
  1. Whether or not you have a student in your home, you can be a part of encouraging teachers in your community.
  2. Consider approaching your local school and find out what their needs are. Write some encouraging notes. Commit to praying for one or several teachers by name.
  3. Know your rights as a parent. For example, did you know you can opt out of standardized testing for your student most years? If parents would mobilize to do this, it would go a long way towards changing the “teaching to the test” system currently in place. 

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