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SD State Coordinator Betsy Moeller

Monday, September 22, 2014


Day 19 - The Porn Industry

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." -Matthew 5:8
Sex sells. Particularly when it’s glorified in a manner that dehumanizes its participants and attracts both men and women of all ages. The pornography industry in the United States has increased in unprecedented ways over the last two decades, which can be largely accredited to technological advances (such as the creation of the internet).
In Day 2 of this prayer guide we gave some statistics of pornography use on a personal level; however, the porn industry’s effect on society as a whole and its corrupt practices are more than eye-opening.
  • The pornography industry abuses people for its own gain. Although porn actors willingly engage in creating porn, the abuse and trauma that they go through is horrific. Men and women are subject to not only psychological and emotional abuse, but physical abuse as well. Many times in hardcore porn scenes, women are choked, slapped, pushed and called obscenities of all sorts. And this is apart from the already brutal and unnatural sexual acts they have to perform. To cope with this, many become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. Unfortunately, some of them commit suicide or die from sexually transmitted diseases. (1)
  • Some adult websites steal from their consumers. According to researchers who presented at a 2010 Harvard symposium on information security, 3.23 percent of 269,000 pornographic websites were laden with viruses, spyware and adware which puts the personal information of consumers at risk. (2)
  • Pornography fuels and acts as a platform for human trafficking. Many times criminal human trafficking organizations use pornographic websites to advertise to their clients or make money from videos where trafficking victims were forced to film themselves having sex. (3) Click here to read a more in-depth article on the link between porn and human trafficking from our Freedom 21 anti-trafficking prayer initiative in 2013.

Father God, I ask that You would forgive me if I, in any way, have participated in consuming pornographic material which aids corruption in the porn industry. I repent for my ungodly actions, and ask that You would strengthen me to remain pure; when tempted, open my eyes to the personal and societal consequences of consuming pornography.
Lord, we repent on behalf of the nation for allowing pornography to enter into our homes and churches. Forgive us for the objectifying women, the abuse of individuals for profit and the idolatry of sexual sin. As the biggest producer and exporter of pornography in the world, we also repent for causing other nations to sin because of our unbridled appetites. Expose the pornography industry for what it is, and end its corruption of our society.

  1. Pray for the porn industry to lose its foothold in American society. Declare that our nation is a purified nation under the blood of Jesus! (Psalm 33:12)
  2. Pray that corruption in the industry would be exposed. This includes the mistreatment of men and women, the abuse of consumers and their personal information and its ties with human trafficking. (Mark 4:22)
  3. Pray for men in our nation to not be controlled by their lustful desires that lead to the degradation and objectifying of women and the breakdown of their families. (Psalm 119:37)
  1. Monitor your children’s time on the internet as well as the content that they are viewing. It would also be good to discuss the dangers of pornography with them. A great resource for this is Josh McDowell’s book, Just 1 Click Away.
  2. Protect yourself and your family by installing online accountability programs such as X3Watch or Covenant Eyes.

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  2. Morran, Chris. “Science Confirms Porn Sites Are Shockingly Corrupt.” 16 June 2010.
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