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SD State Coordinator Betsy Moeller

Tuesday, September 9, 2014



The family unit is one of the key building blocks of a society; however, in the United States the family has been slowly eroding. According to the American Psychological Association, 40-50 percent of marriages end in divorce. 43 percent of US children come from fatherless homes (US Department of Census) which leads to a plethora of other negative behaviors such as drug and alcohol addiction, teen pregnancy and suicide. The definition of marriage between one man and one woman is also being corrupted as more and more states are legalizing homosexual marriage. In addition, pornography and drug addiction are at an all time high. Unfortunately, families in the Church don’t look much better from the world.


• Divorce rate
Contrary to what we’ve been told over the last several years, the actual divorce rate in the Church is estimated to be around 31 percent according to a very recent study by Harvard trained researcher Shaunti Feldhahn (it was estimated to be around 50 percent before the study). Although this is an encouragement to the Body of Christ, 31 percent is still very high.

•  Infidelity
According to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, 41 percent of marriages are tainted by adultery. This is also common in the Church.

•  Pornography and drug use
The statistics for pornography use are staggering. According to a 2006 study, 50 percent of all Christian men and 20 percent of all Christian women are addicted to pornography. This includes Church leadership. Drug rates are also very high as more states are considering legalizing marijuana.

•  Homosexuality in the church
Many mainline church denominations have begun recognizing homosexuality as not sinful in any way and are even allowing gay and lesbians to be church leaders. This has contributed to the eroding of the biblical definition of marriage in the United States and caused more people to accept homosexuality as something created by God Himself.

•  Perception of children
Whether selfishness or economic status be the cause, there are believers and nonbelievers alike who see having children as an intolerable burden instead of recognizing them as a blessing from the Lord. We have allowed the family unit in the Church and nation to be corrupted by immorality, and moral corruption leads to a lack of moral authority. No wonder we have not seen reformation in our land! It is important to take this seriously in repentance and prayer before the Lord.

Father God, I ask that You would forgive me for ways that I have allowed myself, my marriage and/or my family to become morally corrupted. Forgive me for any ways that I have harmed my marriage, participated in pornography or drug use and/or not maintained godly thinking when it comes to the biblical definition of marriage or having children.

Father God, we ask for forgiveness on behalf of the United States for allowing our families to become corrupted by immorality. We repent for our divorce and infidelity rates, for our
pornography and drug abuse and for not valuing our nation’s children. Expose any corruption in our nation’s families and help us to raise a godly standard for families in our society that will serve as an example for other nations.

1. Pray for the family units in American society and the Church to be strengthened. Declare that the spirit of immorality is broken, and bind the enemy from destroying marriages and familial relationships in the Church. (Matthew 18:18)
2. Pray for the divorce rate, fatherless rate, pornography and drug abuse, and wrong perceptions of marriage and children to decrease in an amazing rate. Ask God to renew the mind of His people.  (Galatians 5:16)
3. Ask God to raise a standard of holiness through His Church that will be a light for the nation. Also, pray for families in the Church to be healed of any immoral practices, so we will regain our moral authority in America. (1 Peter 1:1516)

Evaluate your marriage and family. Does your relationship with your spouse and children need to be strengthened? Is there any immorality that has been allowed? Take the necessary steps to healing and freedom for your family!

To download the entire Stop Corruption Now Prayer Guide, please click here.

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