South Dakota Apostolic Prayer Network

SD State Coordinator Betsy Moeller

Sunday, July 7, 2013


66 Books of the Bible Release to 66 Counties of South Dakota
Our 34th county to pray for in South Dakota is Hyde County, with the city of Highmore being the county seat.  We release the book of Nahum to Hyde County. The entire book of Nahum is a prediction of God's judgment against the Assyrians, and the destruction of its capital city of Ninevah. 100 years prior, the prophet Jonah had preached to this city, and because they had repented, it brought the grace and mercy of God.  Now this same city had forgotten their revival and returned back to their habits of violence, idolatry, and arrogance. Because of this rebellion, the prophet Nahum is sent from God to prophecy the coming judgment of God's wrath upon them. This shows that God's patience cannot forever be taken for granted.  His power is shown in the form of protection for the righteous but judgment for the wicked. 

The name Nahum means "Comforter" or "Compassionate."  We behold Jesus in Nahum 1
:15 in the compassion of the Lamb, and the wrath of the Lamb is seen in Nahum 1:6 (also Revelation 6:16). The Judeans who trusted in the Lord were comforted to hear of God's judgment upon the brutal Assyrians.  God's retribution against wickedness is the theme of Nahum, although He is shown to be "slow to wrath" in Nahum 1:2-8.

And out of all this comes the beautiful promises of His word in Nahum 1
:7, "The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who trust in Him."  And again in Nahum 1:15, "Behold, on the mountains, the feet of him who brings good tidings, who proclaims peace! . . ."

Father in the name of Jesus, we thank you for the people of Hyde County as they look to You as their stronghold and place of safety.  And that the people of Hyde County will be known for their good tidings of the Gospel of peace that they carry to many others. And because of their covenant relationship with You, they can carry your compassion and love to others, as they too, can experience Your love, mercy, and protection in place of Your wrath.  We release through the Blood and the Light of Jesus Christ, the revelation of the very One who stands upon the mountains, Your stronghold, the very lover of your souls, Your strength and shield, Your Lord and King, Jesus!  Be Blessed Hyde County, with the revelation of His Gospel of Peace!

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