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Monday, September 30, 2013


Thank you all for participating in Freedom 21 with us! What an incredibly historic campaign this has been!

As we end this initiative today, we want to encourage you to get involved, and to continue praying for victims to be rescued, for justice to be poured out, and for human trafficking to end!

Freedom 21 Prayer Guide: Day 21 - Awaken the Nations: A Global Call to Intercession.

DAY 21 - Awaken the Nations: A Global Call to Intercession


Today we will focus our prayer and repentance on the desperate need for intercession for global awakening
If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. –2 Chronicles 7:14
During this initiative, the facts you have learned demonstrate just how much of a global crisis human trafficking is. However, in order for any actions taken to be effective on a global level, we must first contend in prayer for awakening on a global level.
A recurring component of revival at any time in any nation is the commitment to prayer and repentance. Prior to the Great Awakening of the 1850s, the United States was in decline in many respects. In 1857, two Wall Street workers, out of concern for their country, began to pray weekly for the nation to turn back to God. This weekly prayer gathering soon turned into a daily occurrence as more and more people joined, and they began to meet in churches. Revival quickly came to New York City and soon spread into other parts of the United States. It was reported that as many as 50,000 people were won to Christ from February to June of 1858!(1)
What would have happened if these two ordinary, hard-working men had not prayed at all? What if they had left it for somebody else to do? Would revival have even occurred?
If we want to see revival and awakening take place in Mexico and the United States, it must begin with fervent prayer and repentance. Additionally, it must be seen as our responsibility, not anyone else’s. Only by carrying Mexico and the United States to the throne of God in daily prayer will we see true reformation. And the spiritual awakening of our two great nations will be the ultimate remedy for human trafficking. Not only will we see the power of God for salvation and signs and wonders, but we will also see transnational criminal organizations exposed, law enforcement empowered and protected, and victims caught in the most horrible circumstances receive their freedom.
Will you answer this call to intercession?
To read the full USRPN article on this issue, please click here.
Father, forgive me if I, in any way, have not spent time in prayer and fasting for those caught in trafficking before this prayer initiative. I now not only commit to acting on behalf of the innocent victims, but praying and fasting for them as well. In addition to this, I ask that you would awaken Mexico and the United States!
Lord, we stand in the gap on behalf of our nations and churches, asking that You would forgive us for not standing in prayer and action for revival in Mexico and in the United States, and for those who are enslaved in trafficking. Awaken us, God! Light a holy fire for intercessory prayer and action that will break the chains of human trafficking and bring revival to the nations of the earth.
  • Lord, we thank You for allowing us to come boldly before Your throne and approach You. We ask that Your people would answer the call to intercession around the world for those affected by and enslaved in human trafficking.
  • Father of Light, we ask You to expose Satan’s work in human trafficking by uncovering hidden brothels, cartel activity, perpetrators and consumers of trafficking crimes.
  • We pray for the emancipation of modern day slaves throughout the globe. Break their chains of bondage in all forms – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. According to Isaiah 61, You came to free the captives. Do it now, Lord, for Your glory!
  • We declare Psalm 91 over those law enforcement agencies and anti-trafficking organizations that are working in the trenches. Protect them, Lord, and give them success in their endeavors.
Please pray this final prayer with us for awakening in Mexico and the United States:
Lord Jesus, together as Americans from Mexico and the United States, with one voice and one prayer, we cry out for You to forgive our sins and heal our land in accordance with 2 Chronicles 7:14. Just as You awakened the valley of dry bones in Ezekiel 44, we ask that you would awaken our two nations to repentance and salvation that will defeat the powers and injustice of modern slavery in our time. We declare Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Awaken Mexico and the United States, and pour out Your Spirit on our two nations!
1. We encourage you to sign up for the Reformation Prayer Network by going to where you will receive prayer alerts and articles on societal issues pertinent to the United States in many areas, including human trafficking. If you’d like to receive training on intercessory prayer and more incentives, please consider becoming a Premium member.
2. Global Impact is an international ministry that works in social development of underdeveloped parts of the world. They also are passionate about bringing freedom and purpose to victims of trafficking. To learn more about how you can partner with them, please click here.
3. Dedicate yourself to daily prayer for the victims of human trafficking, both nationally and internationally. As you pray, look for headlines in the news that will be answers to your prayer!
4. Mobilize others to pray with you. This can be done by gathering a small group of like-minded individuals to pray together on a weekly basis, or by recruiting prayer partners who will pray daily for the issue of modern day slavery.
1. Thomas, Cal. ‘Concerts of prayer’ starts revivals. The Journal. 7 September 2010.

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