South Dakota Apostolic Prayer Network

SD State Coordinator Betsy Moeller

Thursday, September 26, 2013


DAY 17 - The Role of Organized Crime in Trafficking

Today we will focus our repentance and intercession on the identification and dismantling of Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs ), as well as major pedophile offenders.
You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror. –Psalm 10:17-18
As organized crime becomes more global, Mexico has become a major destination, transit point and supplier of victims for sex trafficking. Drug cartels have moved into this horrific trade, preying on immigrant women in particular. There are two aspects of their business that have made the threat so formidable:
  1. Enormous profit: The average age of the cartels’ victims is 11 years old. Unlike drugs, which can only be sold once, people can be sold again and again. TCOs are profiting greatly off the appetites of child predators and sexual perverts around the world.
  2. Corruption: Due to the immense volume of illicit gain financially, it is not uncommon to see widespread corruption in law enforcement and the highest places of government influence, as well as the private sector which includes travel agencies, model agencies, marriage bureaus, hotels, construction companies, and internet businesses.
In the United States, state-wide prison gangs are also a growing organized crime threat. Many of them work directly with the Mexican cartels, and access to large profits from drug and human trafficking makes them less dependent on robberies, burglaries, and larcenies as a source of income.
To read the full USRPN article on this issue, please click here.
Father, forgive me for any way I have personally given in to greed and the lust of the flesh that allow these illegal trades to flourish.
Father God, we repent for allowing the huge financial benefit of this illicit slave trade to become a significant part of the USA and Mexico’s economies. Forgive our nations for at times giving more funding and attention to environmental climate conditions than to our children and their wellbeing. Forgive us for neglecting to provide tools and biblical values, which contributes to poverty in the USA and Mexico where these children are taken as enslaved chattel for pedophiles. We repent for the unchecked corruption that has been allowed to grow within businesses, official governmental offices, and national police and military forces.
  • Sovereign God, expose and destroy the strongholds/principalities over the nations of the USA and Mexico where child sex trafficking is unbridled. Cause there to be an outcry over this atrocity among the peoples of our two nations. Establish a spirit of justice and righteousness.
  • We ask You to expose and destroy organized crime networks such as the Russian and Albanian organized crime families, the Chinese Triads, Japanese Yakuza, and the seven major Mexican cartels and US gang affiliates that serve as surrogates for the cartels in the facilitation of trafficking. Take down and dismantle these gangs, which include MS-13, Tango Blast, Mexican Mafia and the Aryan Brotherhood. Bring division in their camps and cause them to crumble (Luke 11:17).
  • Lord, create confusion, terror, paranoia, financial loss and overwhelming remorse (that many would come to faith in Christ Jesus) within these organized crime networks. Bring women and children being held captive to instant freedom in the confusion (Deut. 7:23, Ex. 23:27).
  • Expose the locations of major pedophiles from the nations of the United States and Mexico. Arrest, convict, and deliver them so that they would stop exploiting these enslaved children.
  • Father, impart and infuse hope to the children currently being held captive in our two nations and in nations throughout the globe. Mighty God, deliver them and rescue them from evil predators.
1. Download the Freedom App (available through the App store or Google Play) on your iPhone, Android smartphone, or newer Blackberry. This free app allows any citizen in any nation in the world to report known or suspected traffickers and/or victims. Information will be analyzed and acted on by the team of Orphan Secure, with priority given to cases involving children.

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