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Thursday, September 16, 2010

9 Days to Pray for the 9 Reservations

DAYS 4-12         September 16-24
     As I was asking the Lord what to pray for 1st, it kept coming into my spirit, "First Things First."  I then knew it was only fitting to first pray for the 1st Nation people of our land.  I also heard the words, "Embrace and Honor."  I believe these next 9 days we are to embrace and honor our dear native brothers and sisters on the 9 Indian Reservations in the state of SD in prayer.
     As we know, our national and state history in the past, many times was just the opposite. The Lord had showed me earlier that when I went to the reservations that identificational repentance was necessary.  He showed me in 4-D's where repentance, forgiveness, and restoration is yet to be completely finished.  That the white(European) people had robbed the indigenous people of their Dialect, Dance, Drum, Destiny, and needed to repent for this for full Deliverance to come.  Also the natives needed to receive forgiveness and also repent also of any sins.  One of the meanings for the number 9 means completion.  I believe God wants  the time for sorrow, mourning, and grieving to come to completion. I also believe God wants the 9 gifts of the Spirit to come alive and be imparted by the wind of Holy Spirit.  Also the 9 fruits of the Spirit to be set afire and burn with God's love, cleansing, and holiness.

Here are the 9 Indian Reservations to pray for starting in the center of the state and going full circle:
Day 1   Crow Creek
Day 2   Lower Brule       
Day 3   Rosebud                                                                                                              
Day 4   Pine Ridge
Day 5   Cheyenne River (Eagle Butte)
Day 6   Standing Rock
Day 7   Sisseton-Wahpeton (Lake Traverse)
Day 8   Flandreau
Day 9   Yankton

 (Remember this Friday at sundown and Saturday through sundown is Israel's Day of Atonement,
Yom Kippur, day of fasting and repentance before God)

Prayer Initiatives: 
*Pray the prayer of Daniel in identificational repentance,  Daniel 9:3-19
* Pray chapter Isaiah 58 and also 2 Chronicles 7:14.
*Pray that all sorrow and mourning will flee away (Isaiah 35:10, Jeremiah 31:13)

*Pray that the redemptive plan of God for 1st Nations people will come to its fulfillment
*Pray the 9 gifts and the 9 fruits to come alive on the 9 reservations (1 Corinth 12:7-10, Galatians5:22-23)
*Call forth the 1st Nation people to their place in the move of God
*Pray that all nations(ethnic groups)  will learn to embrace and honor one another

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